Matt’s Guide To Social Media Podcast and Links

Matt’s Guide To Social Media Podcast and Links June 29, 2020

It’s a bright sunny morning and in honor of the world continuing to meltdown we woke up late and did a long long podcast about Matt’s thoughts and feelings about social media, and some of mine as well. He talked super fast because I forbid him from commenting on twitter or facebook while we were talking (which he frequently does and it drives me crazy). Now he is back to blocking people on twitter at a rapid pace. We talked about how Jonathan Merrit is not a Christian, how you should try not to make moral judgments about people’s character while arguing with them, and how it’s important, if at all possible, not to actually hate other people. Hope it solves all your internet conundrums!

This is pretty cool.

This is super interesting.

And so is this.

I don’t want a pub, I want a writing hut.

This is funny? Or is it just true?

This looks delicious.

Here is last week’s SF podcast.

Here is an excellent sermon and a helpful class.

Have a great day if you’re into that sort of thing.

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