The Great Coarsening Podcast and Links

The Great Coarsening Podcast and Links September 14, 2020

Good Morning! It is a bright, crisp day here in the Northeast. Strange to look out the window and smell the clean, fresh air and then ponder the amazing pictures coming out of Oregon and California. May God have mercy. While he is doing that, we did a goodlyish podcast about why staying in a church for what feels like forever is good for you, why the internet is stressful, why Cuties is bad, and how I’m trying not to cancel people. Enjoy!

Here is a bit of a history of punctuation (more interesting to read about it than to try to do it).

This long twitter thread is so funny–if people reviewed books of the Bible on Amazon.

If you weren’t sure why everything was wrong, here is one explanation.

This is interesting.

Here is Rod Dreher writing about Cuties.

Here is the Stand Firm Podcast.

Here are a lot of important gardening programs.

This is cool.

This looks delicious.

Here is a helpful class and an excellent sermon.

And now I will go do something useful!

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