Mired in Grief Podcast and Links

Mired in Grief Podcast and Links October 19, 2020

It’s another gray Monday and the hand of the Almighty feels heavy upon me. Even so, we’ve climbed onto the internet to do a podcast about the Christian life and coping with disappointment, and covid, and pain, and Job, and empathy in contrast to compassion, and all that kind of thing. I manage not to cry–too much. So that’s great.

Here is the article we talk about.

Here is the thing about loneliness.

This is funny.

Here is something stupid.

Here is Jenn.

Matt roasted a practice turkey on Saturday. I don’t know if he did this, but it looks nice. His was delicious.

Here is an excellent sermon and a very helpful class.

And that’s all for now. Sorry to be so light on links. May God give you a day that you can even cope with!

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