Do We Even Need Them?

Do We Even Need Them? October 20, 2020

I recorded another practice video last night before I got on Twitter and saw that someone by the name of Jeffrey Toobin was doing something appalling during a zoom meeting. I don’t even feel like linking it, actually, because it’s so shocking and embarrasing–or at least it should be. So anyway, my video is just me reading and laughing at an Economist article about someone who thinks men should not be allowed to live in the minds of women, followed by my favorite Jacques Brel song.

As usual, the binary choice is ridiculous. Can’t you have enough control over your mind to filter out the voices that are toxic and useless? Some of those voices would definitely be of some women, and some would be of men, sometimes it would even be your own voice that was completely wrong and needed to be told to be quiet for just a tiny second. Anyway, my important youtube career is only in its infancy. I’m going to go with the low video quality being a feature rather than a bug. Enjoy!

And here’s Jacques Brel:

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