Guide To Surviving The Autumn Podcast and Links

Guide To Surviving The Autumn Podcast and Links October 26, 2020

It’s another birthday extravaganze so today’s podcast is a brief guide to getting through the next two months till Christmas–Halloween, Reformation Day, Daylight Savings, Election Day, Thanksgiving, and St. Nicholas. We complain a lot and give our best advice, like, wash your windows, don’t have children in October, and, think about cursing the darkness. Also, I am angry on behalf of Postal Workers. It’s all the light fluff you need to avoid the reality of it being another Monday in this epic year.

Let’s see, I have barely any links. But I might have one or two.

This was sort of interesting.

This looks delicious.

This is creepy.

And here is a great sermon and a helpful class.

And now I have to go make cheese straws of all things.

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