Christian Obedience Podcast and Links

Christian Obedience Podcast and Links February 1, 2021

We made it out of January! One month down, eleven more to go of this, the second year of 2020. We celebrated by doing a podcast about the ACNA Bishop’s statement and all our thoughts and feelings on the subject. You will probably not be surprised by any of them. I tried to get Matt to be nice but I did not succeed. Enjoy!

Here is the statement.

Here is Bishop Hunter’s letter.

Here is Matt writing about Revoice.

And a long youtube interview he did.

This is long but really helpful (youtube).

This is super interesting (NYTimes).

This is cool.

And so is this.

This is hysterical.

I made something like this, but without raisins. Wasn’t bad.

And here is a great sermon and a helpful class. Have a lovely day!

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