Snowpocalypse and Links

Snowpocalypse and Links February 16, 2021

As the rest of the world copes with their various snowpocalypses, all I can say is, “Sorry!” I know how you feel. Snow is literally the worst. That being said, there is no such thing, apparently, as bad weather, only bad clothes. I have found this to be some sort of trueism. If you don’t build a wall around yourself to keep out the weather, you will always be deeply sad (unless you’re one of my children who likes to just go sit in the snow for no reason at all). Along this principle (of no bad weather just bad clothes) not only do I own a massive coat and proper boots and now, mittens that actually fit me:

but I am also the happy possessor of an insulated vest that, when you remember to charge up the cartridge, keeps you heated up. The brilliant thing about the vest is that you can go into a cold building (like church) and sit there for hours without dying. By the time the battery is dead, the heat has kicked on and you don’t “really” need it anymore. The only downside is that your children make fun of you when the power button is glowing. But then, when you’re not paying attention, they steal it.

I know you were wishing I would say more about my feelings about the weather. It’s been whole weeks since I’ve mentioned it.

So anyway, sorry about there being no podcast yesterday. Matt finally had his impacted wisdom tooth out and wasn’t up to talking out loud, even though I had Much To Say about a lot of things. I was forced to say them to him while he lay back with his eyes closed. I hope he wasn’t sleeping, because I think I was pretty sparkling. Amazingly, his tooth had been so painful for so many months that he felt immediately better.

If we had done a podcast, I would have linked this along with it. And here is the excellent sermon and the helpful class. And now I’m going to think about what I need to give up for Lent. I’m thinking about laundry or parenting or something.

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