More Good Listening

More Good Listening February 23, 2021

Don’t mean to be turning everything into links, but I didn’t have my act together yesterday. First of all, here is Matt’s interview with Hank Hanegraaff:

And then, here is another long thing that I found to be very interesting about how we can avoid all turning into Ravi:

Our own podcast cut off due to complete technical ineptitude (and the dog), and probably divine mercy, just when I was really getting into the swing of the thing. Just as well, because there’s no use filling up the airwaves. What I like about the video I’ve linked, is that he does a very good job of describing how sin–and the justification for sin–creeps up on one unawares. We don’t start out trying to be awful, but it is very easy to fall into the way of wickedness not only without trying, but even in trying to do good. The only possible way to get through this life without treating other people badly is by radical dependence on God. And if you think you aren’t treating people badly, you probably don’t know yourself very well. One of the things that God does by his grace is quicken and soften the conscience, making you feel bad about yourself often, showing you that you were not right or not kind or not facing towards others. Small sins become big ones after a while, even if no one ever sees them.

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