7 Irritable Links

7 Irritable Links March 5, 2021

Is it really Friday? PTL. This has been a weirdly busy week for me and I don’t even know if I have anything.


The flap about that Gay Anglican Letter is still going on. M. Valk keeps saying that he’s being obedient or whatever without ever actually doing that. Like my kids who are always coming in to interrupt me to tell me that they’re just about to do what I told them to, but not yet. But shortly. I think the thing that’s so fascinating about all the long missives by M. Valk, besides their injured and aggrieved tone, is the very immaturity of them. By contrast, listen to this excellent sermon/talk which lays out the nature of sin very very well.


I’m breaking up with my fancy calendar/planner book I was so excited about last December:

By the grace of God, the thing was only made to last six months, so that’s a relief. I’ll be done with it just after Easter.


The problems are so many I’ll try to limit myself to just three–the way they try to get me, at the beginning of the week, to have three priorities, and then every day to have three important things, and then once a month, to review three goals. It’s maddening, that’s what it is.


The first problem is that I don’t need a big space to meal plan every week because I don’t plan meals and starting to do that now is literally not a thing. Similarly, I don’t need a place to make a big long shopping list because I buy the same thing every week and I Don’t Need A List especially in a book that I will not carry to a store. And finally, the habit tracker is driving me insane. I’ve learned how to do the same thing every day. Having to color in the little circle is demoralizing.


I guess there are more than three–There are almost no blank pages with no instructions on them. Everything is constrained by the “How I’m Feeling” boxes and the “Obstacles So Far” and the “Next Steps.” Being asked how you’re feeling all the time–well, maybe you would like it, but I hate it. And my whole life is an obstacle. Seriously, just stop.

Horribly, the very cheap thing I used last year that just had a big month calendar to jot in and a big mass of empty pages at the back turned out to be soothing and perfect. I started writing a short story in the back, and had my book lists and my rolling to-do list and odds and ends that were easy to find and weren’t so boxy and preachy and constraining. I guess I’ve learned my lesson. Vanity it Was. To get through it, I’ve started scribbling random notes in all the boxes and writing rude things over the weekly habit tracker. It’s the only way I’ll survive the next two months.


Matt tried to say online that he didn’t like cats and I’d just like to say that that is not the case:


I gotta run. I don’t know if there are going to be more takes anywhere. If there are, I’ll try to circle back and cut in a link. Have a nice day if you’re into that kind of thing.

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