Are Men Human Podcast and Links

Are Men Human Podcast and Links March 8, 2021

It is vaguely warmer here this morning, and I guess that means I will have to take my creaking self out for a walk at some point. In the meantime, we’ve done a reasonably lengthed podcast about Jesus and John Wayne–not an official take or anything, just a very reactionary one. Matt gets into the spirit by yelling about Marxism, as usual. I think it’s pretty great, but who knows. You’ll have to be the judge.

Let’s see, I think I do have a few links.

This is wonderful.

This is cool.

This is interesting.

This is funny.

This is weird.

This is delicious.

This isn’t a terrible place to live.

And here is a fantastic sermon and a helpful class.

And now I must go and rejoice greatly because my parents got their first vaccine! (Phew) and also I have to go buy seeds, like this second.

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