6 Excessively Quick Takes

6 Excessively Quick Takes April 16, 2021

Is it Friday? I guess that means some takes.


Beth Allison Barr was interviewed by NPR about her forthcoming book on “Biblical” Womanhood. If the interview is any indication–and why wouldn’t it because it’s her talking about her own book–then what we have is something perhaps as fatuous as the Jesus Seminar of bygone years, whereby Jesus is made into a middle-class American. Anyway, Barr says this at the end of the interview:

Conservative evangelicalism has been teaching women for so long that there is only one way to be a woman that makes us godly and that allows us to follow Jesus. And that one way is to be focused on home and family and marriage. So “be free” is me wanting women and men to know that the limitations we have placed on them are not God’s limitations. They are limitations that we have placed on them within our own human culture. And we can see how they’re constructed by human culture and that they are not of God. So “be free” means be free to be what God has called you to be, whatever that may be.

Mmhhmmmm, “whatever that may be.” That’s always it, isn’t it. I guess I’ll probably read this book when it comes out, though it will make me extremely irritated to have to do so.


I’m already reading The Book of Longings, which, two pages in makes me feel like I’m reading the latest version of Grace Livingston Hill–only all updated for what we like best now, which is self-expression (see above), and overturning the patriarchy (see above), only in very very specious “historical” novel form. Oh my word, the writing. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the whole thing.


Our new dog is starting to be comfortable in his new life. He is a very powerful creature, and in love with all his fellow beings–except cats, of whom he is deeply fearful. He loves to eat, as well, which is causing problems for our little Chiweenie who doesn’t really love to eat, and can take or leave his dinner when presented with it. It’s been as crazy all week as I expected. Including teaching our teenage sons to walk a very different kind of animal. Alarming for me is having all sixty pounds leap into my bed while I am dead asleep and climb on me and look deeply into my eyes to say good morning, only ten minutes after having spent the long night hours with a cat lying on her back on my chest, petting her in my unconsciousness. I’m not sure why I’m so tired.


And the bathroom remodel continues apace. Everything is stripped back and the roof is mended so that now they are going to put in walls. It’s amazing how fast this is happening. If I had to do it, of course, I will still be trying to figure out how to chop down a tree and saw it into boards–I would be homeless, essentially. Most embarrassing is how in awe the contractor is of what we do, which is to talk to people and pray and stuff. He calls Matt “Father” instead of Matt. I feel like I should call in Beth Allison Barr for advice–JK.


I’ve been hauling all my seedlings in and out, back and forth, as the rain tumbles, and now the snow, and then brief moments of sunshine. Most everything survived the long winter, so that is a great relief. I think I’m changing from being a frantic garden to a fierce, free, and full of fire one.


And now, to my great chagrin, I have to rush around and get ready for the building people. Go check out more takes! Sorry to be so short on everything!


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