What We’re Reading Podcast and Links

What We’re Reading Podcast and Links May 24, 2021

It is a sultry, gray day here in Bing. The trucks outside our window have fallen silent for a few minutes, so we’ve done a goodly-ish lengthened podcast about what we’re reading. Matt is reading history, of course, and I’m reading Green Thoughts, still, and all the other books I’ve been meandering through. We talk about them anyway along with what’s wrong with everything. Hope it makes your Monday what it should be.

I do, strangely enough, have a few links.

Here is something about Macron.

Here is the history of the file cabinet.

Here is something more about the origins of covid.

Here is something discouraging.

Here is something true.

Here is something clever and true.

Here is something funny and important.

Here is something good.

Here somewhere to live if you are rich.

Here is something to eat.

And finally, here is an excellent sermon and a helpful class.

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