7 Strong Independent Takes

7 Strong Independent Takes July 2, 2021

A visual icon of the souls of my children.

It’s Friday, and a holiday weekend, so let’s see what we have, shall we?


Our household is pretty divided on the question of whether or not America’s Independent Moment was a good or bad thing.


One child thinks that the whole business about how we are supposed to “obey those in authority” a la the commands of Ye Olde Bible should have won the day and everyone should have been Church of England, even the Puritans.


Another child thinks that America is super awesome and that the first child is just being contrary and where would she rather grow up? Saudi Arabia? She should be happy she has it so good.


A third child doesn’t really care but can we please have ice cream and watermelon.


A fourth child would like to believe that America is The Best Country in The World TM but would like to travel a lot just to be sure.


The fifth child doesn’t know what day it is. Is it someone’s birthday? When you start to explain, she has already stopped listening and gone to do something else.


The sixth child thinks that history is fascinating and that of course America has her problems but that it is pretty great to live in a place where we can do any kind of work we’re interested in, and say what we like, and worship God according to our conscience and convictions.

So there you are, the children have spoken. Go check out more takes!

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