Two Things for Tuesday

Two Things for Tuesday September 30, 2021

I feel like I have produced a lot of content over the last few weeks and I might as well cash in so that I can trot downstairs and roast the two chickens I have shoved in the back of my fridge. So here are two things that I’ve done already that you can go listen to.


My gaslighting piece is out! It’s paywalled, so perhaps you would like to subscribe. Meanwhile, here is the podcast that Melanie I did about Gaslighting, Gate-Keeping, and Tone-Policing. Pro Tip: Don’t.


I was, in my usual way, on The Ride Home With John and Kathy last night talking about the Governor of New York wanting to send out her apostles to make all the unvaxxed be vaxxed. I had a good time, so I’m sure it will cheer you right up (40 min mark):

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some chickens to roast. Have a nice day!

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