Rededicating Ourselves to the Podcast plus Links and Stuff

Rededicating Ourselves to the Podcast plus Links and Stuff November 1, 2021

It is a bright, clear, cold day (finally) in the Northeast and we’ve rousted ourselves after all our travels to do a moderately lengthened podcast about where we’ve been, why we’ve been so bad at podcasting, what we should think about eating for Reformation Day even though it’s already gone by, and how it’s better to leave your house for a week in the hands of basically catechized Christian children than pagan ones. It’s everything you could expect, really, so that’s something.

I am sorry to say I do not have very many links. But let me see if I can’t rustle up something.

Here is the Stand Firm podcast.

Here is my paywalled thing about ATR.

Here is something excessively foolish that maybe I’ll blog about later.

Here is Mark’s review of the Bee’s new book.

I loved this.

This is cool.

This is pretty interesting.

We ate these in Louisville and then searched around for some cholesterol meds. So delicious!

And here is Matt’s last excellent sermon from whenever it was before we went away.

And now I have got to rush around. Have a nice day!

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