Believe In Yourself Podcast and Links

Believe In Yourself Podcast and Links November 15, 2021

It is a cold, windy day here in Bing and the dahlias are long gone. Time to batten down the hatches for winter. We have a lot of work to do around the house to keep out the wintery breezes. But before we get cracking on that important task, here is a shortish, rambling podcast about, well, let’s see, what did we talk about? Matt has been following the Rittenhouse trial. I said some things about teacups. We both complained about Grammarly. I think we rambled on about Satanism for a bit. And then Matt was kind of a jerk about global climate change. Oh, and we complain a lot about how destructive our children are. HashtagLoveIsLoveEtc. I hope it gets you through at least part of your Monday.

Let’s see, I don’t think I have very many good links.

This was funny though.

And this was interesting.

Here is the thing I quoted somewhere in the pod.

This is awesome.

This is important for all human relationships.

This looks delicious.

And here is a helpful class and a fantastic sermon.

Have a lovely day! Or whatever kind of day you prefer. I would never want to presume to tell you anything about how to be.

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