The Long Fisk Podcast and Links

The Long Fisk Podcast and Links November 22, 2021

It’s Thanksgiving Week and we have a lot to be thankful for–and probably you do too. The greatest gift that we’ve been given is the bright idea to fisk an hour-long podcast interview with K. du Mez by C4SO’s new Center for Peace and Justice. We get through the first five minutes of the interview because of course we do. With any luck, this will keep us going for the next several months. In this, the first part, we range over the questions of what you should look for in a college for your child, how to do history, what is the difference between history and ideology, how it’s possible to read various critical theories without becoming a critical theorist, why not everyone who believes in Jesus is a white nationalist, and finally, of course, how long to brine your turkey. I hope it sets up your week quite nicely.

Here is the interview that we’re fisking.

Here is a really long good article that says so many things I’ve been trying to say.

Here is a brilliant Twitter thread that is worth reading several times.

Here is the meme of the week.

Here is a really really good sermon.

This sounds so delicious.

I might really need to try to make these.

Here is last week’s excellent sermon, and this week’s helpful class.

And now I have to go do a lot of things. Have a nice day!

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