The Usual Podcast…and a Couple of Links

The Usual Podcast…and a Couple of Links November 7, 2022

It is a bright, balmy. warm morning here in the Northeast. I must admit I am longing for the cool wind of winter. Never ever thought I would say that out loud. To cope, we’ve done a decently lengthed podcast in search of a topic. Every fifteen minutes or so we cry, “this is what we can talk about!” On the way there we discuss how much we hate the time change, various political candidates, the Korean War, whether General McCarthur was a bad man or not, Why Liberalism Failed,* how Matt is wrong, and, whether or not pastors should pray on platforms with politicians. We end with our usual explanation for how you can know whether someone is a Christian or not (pro-tip, they can’t be “affirming”) and our reading from the Passion “Bible.” Oh, and I repeatedly mention Alissa Childer’s new book– Live Your Truth and Other Lies–without ever mentioning the title. Hope you enjoy it in whatever way you prefer best.

Let me see, I really don’t have many links, and pretty soon I’ll stop apologizing about it.

There is this.

And this.

And here is a fantastic sermon and a helpful class.

*I repeatedly call this book The End of Liberalism in the podcast, but that’s not what it is. It’s Why Liberalism Failed, sorry!

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