If Caitlyn Jenner is Normal, Why Can’t Donald Trump Be?

If Caitlyn Jenner is Normal, Why Can’t Donald Trump Be? January 24, 2017

Imagine if elite journalists covered Donald Trump the way they did Caitlyn Jenner. Here’s one story (adapted to include POTUS):

Caitlyn Jenner’s Donald Trump’s highly choreographed emergence has precipitated an important national conversation about transgender issues bigotry, but it has also led to a useful discussion about the stereotyping of age maleness, the valorization of a certain form of beauty nationalism, and the perpetuation of damaging gender norms whiteness.

Here’s another:

But it would not be absurd to liken Caitlyn’s Trump’s obvious delight in her beautyhis success, as revealed by Annie Liebovitz Breitbart and by Caitlyn’sDonald’s own blog posts tweets, to Kim Kardashian’s pleasure in her many looks. Nor would it be absurd to note the resources available to both. What if people of all genders, all ages, from all walks of life, could look in the mirror, or take a selfie, and see—as Caitlyn Donald finally seems to see; as Kim Kardashian at least appears to see—the people we want to see?

So much understanding for some. So little for others. And the reason? I’m waiting.


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