If You Hate Living with the South, then Why Didn’t You Let Them Go?

The ill will President Trump taps. Just when you thought that nationalism and Brexit and leaving the international liberal order were the province of the alt-Right, along comes a POTUS that winds up liberals and helps them find their separatist inner selves. Today’s specimen? Kevin Baker, a writer at the New Republic. He recently made [Read More…]

Some of Us Were Worried About America Before the Election (part 4)

Christopher Lasch, a gifted intellectual historian, perhaps best remembered for supplying President Jimmy Carter with advice on his “national malaise” speech, way back in 1990 seemed to have his finger on the pulse of the average Americans who by 2016 would vote for Donald Trump. Lasch’s article for one of the first issues of First [Read More…]

If You Have to Explain It, It’s Not Funny

My favorite light bulb jokes are these: How many teamsters does it take to change a light bulb? Ten. You gotta problem with that? How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? It’s not funny. The second came to mind after reading a couple posts about the video that’s gone viral with [Read More…]

If U.S. Survived Andrew Jackson dot dot dot

Can’t U.S. survive Donald Trump? Tommie Kidd provides a reminder of the parallels between Jackson and Trump and quoted Daniel Walker Howe: Anyone with a classical education knew to regard such men as potential demagogues and tyrants; the word for the danger was “caesarism.” Jefferson delivered a straightforward opinion of Jackson’s presidential aspirations: “He is [Read More…]

Is Tim Keller about to have His Rod Dreher Moment?

Tim Keller, the PCA pastor of Redeemer Church in New York City, likely needs no introduction. Though he has his critics (myself among them), he is generally the darling of evangelical gate keepers, New Calvinists, and PCA church planters. His reputation is that of an apologist who persuades skeptical New Yorkers to give Christianity another [Read More…]

Some of Us Were Worried About America Before the Election (part 3)

The reason is that we were reading Wendell Berry (at least) thirty years ago: The fact is, however, that this is probably the most unhappy average citizen in the history of the world. He has not the power to provide himself with anything but money, and his money is inflating like a balloon and drifting [Read More…]

What if the NFL Were a Bigger Deal than Porn?

I know the biblical counselors used to reduce most of the moral law to idolatry, but these days porn appears to be the gravest threat to all things holy and the people who try to be. What has yet to be proved (or considered is why violating the seventh commandment is any worse than breaking [Read More…]

Some of Us Were Worried about America Before the Election (part 2)

Dwight Macdonald, a mid-twentieth century Marxist critic who wrote for the New Yorker, New York Review of Books, New Republic, and Partisan Review (among others), was worried about the effects of mass culture (think Donald Trump’s celebrity in The Apprentice) on American institutions. The following is from his famous essay, “Masscult & Midcult“: The question [Read More…]

America’s Original Greatness

Once upon a time, Americans celebrated George Washington’s birthday on February 22, 1732. Now that we have lost our republican virtues, we prefer three-day weekends and car sales to stand alone days for presidential birthdays. And what we have lost along with those virtues is the kind of foreign policy that Washington outlined in his [Read More…]

Make Niebuhr Modest Again

I understand the easy target that President Trump is. But sometimes the swings boomerang, such as when Kate Massinger and Rebecca Collins assert that “Trumpian bravado and Niebuhrian sobriety just don’t seem to jibe.” Neither does Niebuhrian sobriety jibe with claims of Reinhold Niebuhr’s greatness: And great [Niebuhr] was. An American Conscience tells the story [Read More…]