If W-w Goes, So Does WWJD?

David Koyzis finds simplistic a critique of faith-based political activism that applies grace across the spectrum. The critique of Social Gospel like evangelical calls to social reform goes like this: Now, ask yourself this: if charity is a picture of the grace of God in the gospel, then what message are we sending about the [Read More…]

Shouldn’t Implicit Bias Make a View of the World Go Away

For the last three decades at least (thanks perhaps to Francis Schaeffer and Reformed Protestant intellectuals like George Marsden and Nicholas Wolterstorff), the notion of world view (it pains me to spell it out so hereafter w-w) has inspired and informed evangelical ministry, academics, cultural criticism, and more. I have always been suspicious of the [Read More…]

Jesus Forgives Sins, the United States Doesn’t

If Southern Baptists think their resolution condemning the alt-right will make them right with the nation, boy are they going to be disappointed. [Read more…]

Today’s College Students Can’t Handle the Stones

One of my stations at Pandora is The Moody Blues, one of the bands that comprised the Progressive Rock scene of the 1960s and 1970s. Millennials who wonder what progressive rock is should consider a song that lasted an entire 20 minutes. Wow Groovy! The Moody Blues station at Pandora is not precise and so [Read More…]

Not Everyone Loves Niebuhr

I for one think Christians should be wary of cheering for fellow Christians in public square arguments. It looks like special pleading. [Read more…]

Illiberal Freedom?

Now that we have illiberal democracy in the United States, maybe we can also consider illiberal freedom. Andrew Bacevich does: So the operative principle is this: Anything that enlarges choice is commendable. A recent Times story about the first women to complete army infantry training—“a towering milestone”—offers a vivid example. Young women “who dreamed of [Read More…]

Judge a Book by Its Cover (and don’t use Kindle)

Crawford Gribben’s careful and thoughtful biography of John Owen is also an important contribution to the history of the book. Early on he points out that the standard way that many modern evangelical and Reformed Protestant readers encounter Owen, such as through the Banner of Truth edition of Owen’s collected writings, distorts the author and [Read More…]

Don’t Blame the Reformation

Supposedly the rise of Protestantism upended the glorious harmony of Christendom and the Roman Catholic Church. [Read more…]

Evangelicals Showed How Tolerant They Are by Voting for Donald Trump

Anyway, why can’t you look at the results of the 2016 election and read it as a sign of evangelicals’ evolving maturity, an indication that they are now more pragmatic than idealistic, more political than moralistic? Alan Jacobs certainly doesn’t read it that way. He continues to interpret the vote as an indication of evangelicalism’s [Read More…]

A Threat to Democracy

Is it more likely to come from the evangelicals who voted for Trump or from the writers and producers of Saturday Night Live? Shadi Hamid shows great restraint and these days uncommon wisdom in recognizing that viewers of the hit series Handmade’s Tale should not rush to condemn evangelicals as theocrats: What makes Gilead, or [Read More…]