What You Give Up To Fit In

America is the land of the free but liberty comes with its limits. Protestants can’t have prayer and Bible reading in public schools, Roman Catholics have to get right with the separation of church and state, Jews can’t have a king, and Muslims can’t have Sharia law. A similar dynamic has been at work in [Read More…]

When it Comes to Denying Truth, Forget Foucault and Rorty but Remember Falwell

Molly Worthen heaps scorn on the evangelicals who voted for Trump by blaming our post-truth moment on the Protestants who insist on a world-and-life view. Conservative evangelicals are not the only ones who think that an authority trusted by the other side is probably lying. But they believe that their own authority — the inerrant [Read More…]

Peter’s Bad Good Friday

The story of Peter’s denial of Christ, on Good Friday Eve (I hear some Christians refer to it as Maundy Thursday) has to be one of the most moving aside from the trial, beating, and death of Christ — a big exception. I often think of Peter as the yellow lab of the apostles, always [Read More…]

Who Says You Can’t Enforce Morality?

While Rod Dreher complains about the dictatorship of moral relativism that has triumphed in the United States, states and athletic associations are showing the resilience of secession as an option for those Americans who cling to moral norms. After the Atlantic Coast Conference boycotted the state of North Carolina for the conference basketball tournament, the [Read More…]

Do We Need a National Menu to go with Affordable Health Care?

Turns out when you make food affordable, you increase the costs of health care. Addison Del Mastro connects the dots. First, Americans suffer from high rates of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity: Among its wealthy, industrialized peers, the United States is close to having the highest diabetes rate in the world, and the same is [Read More…]

Calvinists Go to Heaven (not sure of everyone else)

Total depravity, the T in the infamous mnemonic, T-U-L-I-P, the so-called Five Points of Calvinism, is not one of those doctrines that congers up Hallmark Card images of cats, cute babies, and spring flowers. In fact, H. L. Mencken quipped that Calvinism occupied a place in his cabinet but “little removed from Cannibalism.” His reason [Read More…]

A Hymn for Opening Day

Before Watts and Wesley, Protestants pretty much sang only Psalms. During the 1750s members of the only Presbyterian congregation in New York City argued continually among themselves about whether they ought to replace their Scottish Psalter with Isaac Watts’ hymns. A century later other groups were still unsettled over the issue: Dutch immigrants in Holland, [Read More…]

The Progressive West Supports Islam – Are You Sure?

According to Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins and Brittany Pheiffer Noble, the Progressive West and the Christian West are locked in a civilizational struggle in which the Christian West is gaining an ally with Russian Christians (Orthodox Church). The common enemy for Christians is apparently Islam: “If we do not bind together as partners with others in other [Read More…]

Advice for Russell Moore — Don’t Take Any from Sarah Posner

In the ongoing effort by journalists to discredit President Trump (I actually think he has discredited himself but that is not something that disqualifies you from POTUS in the land of the free and the home to the most electoral college votes), Sarah Posner, a regular contributor at The Nation, Bloggingheads.tv.com, and Religion Dispatches, uses [Read More…]