April 13, 2024

God Made Trump Read more

April 10, 2024

Here I sin boldly by asking the Democratic Party to (1) maintain support for a woman’s access to health care and protect her reproductive rights; (2) add a public concern for the well-being and moral protectability of the unborn child; and (3) encourage state or even federal legislatures to pass creative legislation that that addresses both. Read more

April 8, 2024

Karen Lebacqz's Christian viewpoint on abortion is illuminating. Stop trying to find the point in a pregnancy when a fetus becomes human, she says. Instead, accept the fact that some women face a crisis and the church community should provide compassionate support. That is the central issue. Read more

April 6, 2024

Anti-Christian Nationalist Progressives seem to aim their invectives at American Christian Nationalism, but they actually strike pain into evangelical Christians. Even if our evangelical friends strongly denounce Christian nationalism, they still get scapegoated by the progressives. All this is due to anxiety stirred up by Republican Party politics. It's sad that these Christian groups fell for the sucker punch. Read more

April 4, 2024

The post, "Who is afraid of Christian Nationalism?," stirred up a hornets nest. Let's get inside the buzzing to see just what stings. We will find two hornets nests, one for American Christian Nationalism (ACN) and one for Christians Against Christian Nationalism (CACN). Read more

April 3, 2024

Who is afraid of Christian nationalism? I have never met a Christian nationalist. No church denomination or school of theological thought advocates American Christian Nationalism (ACN). No doubt ACN exists. But it might look more like a salamander than a fire breathing dragon. Read more

March 30, 2024

Digital immortality or cybernetic immortality via whole brain emulation is what transhumanists offer us. We can then live a conscious rational life in the computer cloud in disembodied form. Does this sound more likely than the New Testament promise of bodily resurrection? Read more

March 27, 2024

After a Mara Lago meeting with Tik Tok investor Jeff Yass, Mr. Trump endorsed Tik Tok. How much did this cost Mr. Yass? How much will "Get Your Trump Bible!" cost God? A miracle? Read more

March 23, 2024

Even though Holy Week is just beginning, it's time to think about Easter resurrection and what it means. Read more

March 19, 2024

Here’s my question: when does the dignity of the unborn child become morally protectable, thereby proscribing abortion? Paul Lange, who has studied this matter both scientifically and theologically, says 20 to 24 weeks after conception. This stage marks the point where the fetus' cerebrum develops with a nervious system that feels. Perhaps this is a good point to draw the line. Elective abortion with a doctor's consultation should be permitted prior to the 24th week, but prohibited thereafter except to protect the mother's health. Such a public policy shows respect to both the woman and the unborn child. Read more

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