Can a Nun Doubt the Existence of God?

Can a Nun Doubt the Existence of God? December 3, 2014

Can a jennifer-fulwiler-show-podcast-logonun doubt the existence of God?

Listen to my radio interview with Jennifer Fulwiler about my new book, The Prodigal You Love: Inviting Loved Ones Back to the Church and find out….

I really looked forward to being on Jennifer Fulwiler’s show because we both come from similar backgrounds. She is from the state below the greatest state in the union. I am from the greatest state in the union: Oklahoma. She used to be an atheist, and I used to be an atheist. She loves Tupac and I love…The Smiths? Ok, the similarities end there but we had a lot to talk about.

Jennifer and I had a great discussion; I felt we could have talked much longer! We discussed doubt, humility and suffering, some of the central themes of my book.



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