Good Friday and the Doorpost of Humanity

Good Friday and the Doorpost of Humanity April 3, 2015
The Sacrificial Lamb by Josefa de Óbidos via Wikimedia Commons

We are loved, deeply and unfathomably. The roots of this love are 1,000 miles below the earth’s surface. A life well lived pumps us full of the blood of love so that we can be love and give love to others.

My Savior sweat blood, it was a blood that came from His heart.

heart blood

Drops fell like tears, shattering against stone, seeping into the cold night. I wish I had been there to catch the crimson. Blood red rubies of love.

How much does a ransom for every human being that ever lived go for these days?

Heart beating wildly, pumping blood through the pores. Was he afraid? No more scared than the singing virgin martyrs who went to their death. This was not a fearful man. A man burdened, overcome by our sin, but not a cowering, fearful man.

Sin, all that is far from God, all that is not God, yet God carried it all. The pain. He carried our sins and He carried the wood to which they would nail His hands. As He died for our sins, He said, “I thirst.” A thirst of love, a thirst for our love – pathetic, ungrateful love.

Our God thirsts for us.

The earth quaked, rocks split. Even the earth knew. The death of the man who was God. My mind does not fully understand, but the earth understood. Her Creator died, while still holding her in existence, even at the moment of His death.

Only God knows what happened at that moment, the last breath of God, calling to God. God, uniting Himself to our humanity, lifts us up, to save us from death and to teach us what kind of God we have.

We have a God whose heart pumped blood. But the blood did not remain inside His body to nourish and sustain. Our God’s blood was poured out like a sacrificial lamb on the wood of the cross, the doorpost of all humanity.

Our God’s blood ran down the wood, into the earth. Rain that would bring forth a new spring.

This is our God.

This is our God.

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  • A lovely meditation, Sister. Thank you for sharing and may you have a blessed Easter!

  • Charles

    So beautiful. Thank you.

  • Aaron Rational

    You wrote: “Only God knows what happened”

    Yes, and that gives lie to every other word written in this beautifully worded, but ultimately fictional post you’ve concocted.