My First Article for The Man With the Mangled Hands

My First Article for The Man With the Mangled Hands September 22, 2015
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This is a month for firsts!

I have written another first article for that I would like to share with you. I hope to begin writing for them more regularly, so stay tuned.

Aside from the fact that has the best name ever, (although misspelled in my opinion), I am excited to write for this site because their mission is really in line with how I think Catholics should be participating in the online world these days.

Elizabeth Scalia explains

Aleteia is going to eschew what polarizes; we are going to spend less time arguing about what constitutes perfection, in order to celebrate the good, even as we seek the ideals. We are going to tell human stories about human people who are at varying stages of a journey; who are discovering the depth of joy, and the breadth of authentic freedom, that comes when faith is invited into and fully integrated with our lives: in how we receive good or bad news; in how we deal with our families, friends and strangers; in how we continue to grow as we enter, every day, into the great mystery of our own redemption.

So, anyway. I am excited to introduce my first piece for Aleteia.

Usually, my favorite pieces of writing don’t receive the attention that I wish they would. Instead, it is the posts that touch on the controversial that get shared all over. This is one piece that I hope will be shared despite the fact that I don’t mention Donald Trump, sex, or the latest gossip.

It is about a man who came into the bookcenter in Miami while I was there and would pray in the chapel every day. His prayer was and is a continued inspiration to me to embrace the Cross of Christ in my life.

An excerpt:

The crucifix is from Mexico; one of our sisters bought it when she went to visit family, insisting that the people of Miami would appreciate a bloody Jesus. The crucifixes of the United States are too sanitized she said, too polite to show the butchery of the crucifixion with accuracy.

Read the rest HERE.

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