Don’t #PrayforParis? Oh You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar We’ll Pray.

Don’t #PrayforParis? Oh You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar We’ll Pray. November 16, 2015
Photo credit: Connor Tarter / / CC BY-SA

The always provoking Charlie Hebdo cartoonists have responded to the attacks in Parish with a cartoon calling for a stop to those wasting their prayers on Paris.

The cartoon says Paris is about life, champagne and joy, not prayer. As if prayerful people are sour-faced bores. (They obviously have not met the nuns I live with.)

So, let me get this straight. 

Paris is about life, not prayer?

Sorry, but prayer IS life.

Padre Pio once said it is the oxygen of the soul.

I’ll pray for Paris.

And so will millions of other people.

This is the most powerful weapon we have against evil.

Here’s the cartoon in question:


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