Sr. Alicia Won #Chopped! Here Are 5 More Videos About Her Work

Sr. Alicia Won #Chopped! Here Are 5 More Videos About Her Work November 10, 2015

I watched Food Network’s Chopped last night. Sr. Alicia Torres competed against three other people who serve in soup kitchens all over the country. All of the contestants were delightful people, probably because their line of work helps to rub off the rough edges of their personalities. We all can learn from people who go into selfless careers like these.

Anyway, I loved Sr. Alicia’s unassuming, sweet demeanor and so I looked around and found some more videos of her speaking about being Catholic, joining religious life and her work for Our Lady of the Angels Mission in Chicago.

Hope you enjoy!


1. Being Pro-Life:


2. Young Nun: A  Short Documentary About Religious Life


3. A Message for Imagine Sisters


4. Talk to the Students of Cascia Hall in Tulsa (my hometown!):


5. Light of Love by Imagine Sisters:


Food Network has not put up the latest episode online but it should be available here shortly.

Thanks to Sr. Alicia for getting the word out about the beautiful call to religious life and service!

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