Almost a Year…

Almost a Year… May 24, 2011

Since April 20, we have generated another 3 pounds, 5 ounces of plastic waste.  This means we’re still running at something around 15–17% or so of the national average,  using a conservative estimate.

Actually, some of that plastic–most of it–will be reused.  This month, we replaced windshield washer fluid, Peter had to drink a plastic-jug of noxious stuff prior to a medical test, and we used up a bottle of ammonia.  All those jugs are heavy!

But we have started a garden.  And it turns out that one good poor man’s version of a seedling cover, in case of frost, is an HDPE jug with the bottom cut out, and the top put over the seedling to protect it from cold.

So these jugs are actually not yet in the waste–or the recycling–stream–as yet.

More on the garden, as well as some reflections on a year of reducing our plastic use, next time I log on.
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