Book Review: Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Book Review: Moonology by Yasmin Boland September 6, 2017

I’ve rarely met anyone who isn’t awed by the moon, but Moonology is for people who believe that our natural satellite is a lot more than a mere reflector of the sun. Author and astrologer Yasmin Boland presents the moon as a kind of technology that we can work with to manifest our desires.

Part One of the book opens with an excellent introduction to the eight moon phases and how each one affects us. Though we tend to focus more on the energy of new and full moons, it is helpful to understand what is happening during the gibbous phase or the balsamic, for example. Having a clear picture of the entire cycle helps us to stay in the cosmic flow, so to speak, and to make adjustments when necessary.

Part Two is a hefty section devoted solely to New Moon Manifesting. While you’ve probably seen tons of articles that say to write down your wishes and burn them on the new moon, Boland dives a lot deeper into the whole process. She outlines some “golden rules” that tend to ensure greater success with manifesting, such as taking baby steps, not wishing for someone else to change, releasing attachment, feeling worthy, and so forth. These guidelines remind us that we are co-creators with the universe—we can wish all we want, but we are still responsible for taking actionable steps. She gives the example of being broke and wanting a Mercedes—sometimes we have to start with manifesting a bicycle before we get the dream ride.

After laying down the ground rules, Boland offers a 12-step outline for new moon wishing. Though she does not label her method as a ritual, I think it qualifies. It’s also very simple, as it does not require any tools other than paper, a writing instrument, and something to burn paper in. You could add soothing music, candles, and incense if you like, but none of those things are essential. The magic comes from you and your own ability to focus.

If you want to take your practice further, Boland offers a guide to the new moon in each astrological sign and house. You don’t need to be an astrology expert to understand this part, so don’t sweat it. This is your go-to section when you see that the new moon is in Taurus and it’s transiting your fourth house, for example. You’ll find suggestions for what to do, along with correspondences like essential oils, mantras, archangels, goddesses, and so forth. I really liked this portion of the book, because it offers a multitude of ways to give those new moon intentions a major boost.

Part Three of the book is devoted to working with the magic of the full moon, which centers on forgiveness, releasing, and gratitude. Boland offers short, easy guides for crafting your own full moon ceremony. This, too, does not require many tools or props. As with the new moon, Boland offers comprehensive references for working with the full moon in each sign and house as well.

Lastly, there is a section on working with the daily moon and what you can expect as Lady Luna makes her 28-day circuit through the signs and houses. This is quite helpful for planning the day ahead and aligning activities with the moon’s energy, rather than stumbling through it and wondering why things aren’t working!

Overall, I loved the light, conversational tone of this book. I would recommend it to any moongazer who wants to work with lunar cycles to create a more abundant life.

Is Moonology a witchy book? Well, no. I wouldn’t put it in that category exactly. It’s a Hay House publication, so it’s geared for a wider metaphysically inclined audience. Did it help this witch get back into her lunar groove? Definitely.

Moonology: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles
By Yasmin Boland
243 pages. Hay House. $14.99

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