The Descent: Another Dream Reminder to Avoid Fighting Alone

The Descent: Another Dream Reminder to Avoid Fighting Alone July 19, 2018

Creepy dreams are always unpleasant, but they become particularly insidious when they make a reappearance six months later.

Sometime back in the winter, I had a random dream about living in a new house with my mom, who for some reason was extremely displeased with me. I don’t know what the context was, and I don’t think that it was important to the overall message of the dream, if there was one. The only thing I really remember is how the dream ended: I stood at the top of a set of stairs descending into the lowest level of the house, where there was a single door locked tight and closed.

I didn’t know why, but just looking at the door gave me a really bad feeling of unease. Something about it had an awfully baleful sense to it. Before I could try to go down and see what lay on the other side, I woke up.

Fast forward to this morning, whereas my last dream before I woke up, I stood at the top of the stairs again. This time, I was joined by Michael and Gabriel the Archangels, two angels who have made numerous appearances in my dreams prior to this one. Both of them were in the same exact Roman Centurion soldier form they had originally appeared to me in a dream I had spotted two years ago. They were fully armored and ready for battle, with sheathed swords at their hips. I felt that this time, I was ready and able to descend the stairs and open the door, to see whatever lay on the other side.

The three of us walked down the stairs together, the two tall Archangel soldiers flanking me on either side, standing very close and protectively over me. We opened the door and walked inside, and I think the door shut itself behind us. It was pitch dark inside.

Immediately, we were surrounded by shadowy figures that I couldn’t see properly. Everything was dark besides Michael and Gabriel, both of them emitting a white glow, the only source of Illumination in the dark room. The two of them stood back-to-back with me between them, and right away they had to unsheathe their swords to start fighting off the enemies. Despite being pressed on all sides, the two Archangels deftly fought off our assailants without flaw.

Of note, the entire time, the enemies weren’t trying to attack either Archangel; they were going directly for me. If I didn’t have Michael and Gabriel shielding me with their bodies and their swords, I don’t know what would have happened to me.

In hindsight, my dream this morning finally explained to me why I had such an uneasy feeling looking at this room in the dream from 6 months ago. Thank goodness I wasn’t allowed to go down there back then. I would have tried to barge my way in there alone, only to be immediately overwhelmed. The funny thing is, I do remember thinking in the dream from back then that I shouldn’t attempt to go down into the room alone. Now I see why.

It’s clear to me that the connecting message in both dreams here is that I should not be trying to fight these battles alone. I tried to do that a few times in dreams of the past, and of course, I lost each time. That, and the image of both Michael and Gabriel fighting off what was likely a horde of demons clamoring to harm me is a stark reminder that there’s an ongoing battle in my life that I need constant support with.

The Bros Were Right!

I’m revisiting this post three years later and grimacing to myself. Boy, I thought this dream was creepy? It was an ominous harbinger for other nightmares I’d be plagued with.

But this also served as a powerful reminder that I never ventured into those nightmares alone.

I read this, and I recalled a dream I had sometime in the fall of 2020, where the archangels ambushed the Devil after the fiend tried to terrify me. It was glorious!

I’m always thankful for the protection I’ve been given. It’s a supernatural form of big-brotherly love that I deeply appreciate.

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