Fighting Islamophobia – Stacey Eden Defends Muslim Woman Being Harassed on Train (VIDEO)

Fighting Islamophobia – Stacey Eden Defends Muslim Woman Being Harassed on Train (VIDEO) April 16, 2015

With Islam being in the news for all the wrong reasons, an anti-Muslim sentiment seems to be growing day by day in the West. This is a bothersome trend, one that inhibits social harmony and mutual respect in diverse societies. Unfortunately, some Muslims living in the West have to put up with discrimination and bigotry due to the actions of a few extremists.

When will people stop generalizing?

In any case, today I would like to bring your attention to a rather inspiring moment captured in the following video. It was heart-warming to see Stacey Eden, a young Australian woman, standing up against outright bigotry and defending a Muslim woman who was being verbally harassed only for wearing a Hijab.

Hats off to her moral courage!


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  • Obviously people minding their own business should not be harassed on public transport (although God knows it’s not exactly unheard of). That being said, if this is the blood-curdling example of the Islamophobe Terror Epidemic that’s being peddled this week, well…

    Nor did Eden really show any particular “moral courage”. What risk was she taking? Some overweight old woman was going to attack her? Evil Muslim-haters were liable to track her down? She was going to be denounced and persecuted? By whom, exactly?

    The whole thing is silly. It’s basically two mouthy yobs shouting at each other on a train.

  • ronmurp

    You might want to wonder if Sam Harris would approve of such behaviour, while he’s being misrepresented elsewhere on other posts here. Of course, he would not.

    And, yes, this looks like genuine persecution and should be opposed.

    But, remind me how many atheist bloggers have died in Bangladesh?

    How many rape victims in UAE have been prosecuted for having unlawful sex?

    How many homosexuals hung in Iran?

    How many schoolgirls abducted and raped in Nigeria?

    … yes, it’s a long list. Yes, Islam does need reform. Yes, persecution of anyone needs to be avoided. Making all religions benign would go some way to avoid their divisive nature that encourages persecution of others.