When Jesus Was Our Guest

When Jesus Was Our Guest October 29, 2011

The other night we had a fellowship meal at church. The best part was that the boys got to run around and play for an hour beforehand, which helped pique their appetites considerably.

We got to catch up with friends with cute, long-distance grandchildren:

Turns out the HVAC guy + my dad make pretty good spaghetti sauce!

We broke bread together. We reflected on the early church’s practice of love feasts and on Jesus’s promise to be with us when we gather in his name.

And we cleaned up together.

And Christ was with us:

Come Lord Jesus, be our guest,

May this food by you be blest,

May our souls by you be fed,

Always on the living Bread.

Come Lord Jesus, be our guest; Come Lord Jesus, be our Guest


(attr. Martin Luther)

here’s the tune you can sing it to: Redhead 76

Here you can watch it in sign language:

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