16 Questions about Heaven and the New Earth

16 Questions about Heaven and the New Earth March 9, 2023

I always enjoy anytime I get to have a conversation with Sean McDowell, who teaches at Biola/Talbot and has a very engaging and helpful YouTube channel on apologetics. Sean and I did another Q&A on Heaven recently, with some different questions and answers.

  1. How did your belief in Heaven frame your loss of your wife? (1:00)
  2. How do you deal with doubt? (3:31)
  3. What gives you hope? (6:02)
  4. Is Heaven real? (8:26)
  5. How will Heaven be exciting if there’s no risk? (13:25)
  6. Are there animals in Heaven? (16:40)
  7. How about our pets? (20:15)
  8. How can we enjoy Heaven if some of our loved ones are not there? (22:53)
  9. Can people sin in Heaven? (26:53)
  10. Will there be external temptation? (29:50)
  11. Are there sports in Heaven? (34:12)
  12. Will we eat and drink in Heaven? (38:00)
  13. Will we be able to fly? (41:02)
  14. How will our bodies be similar/different in the eternal Heaven? (45:06)
  15. How old will we be in Heaven? (48:30)
  16. How do eternal rewards work?  (51:12)

Sean kindly mentioned my book The Promise of the New Earth, which combines teaching about Heaven, with beautiful photography. It’s available from our online store and from Amazon.

Photo by Cristian Manieri

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