Are You Experiencing Bible Poverty?

Are You Experiencing Bible Poverty? October 26, 2023

One of our staff sent me this video about “If Your Bible Was Your Cell Phone…” I thought it was great.

It’s funny, but it makes a good point. And it’s a reminder that there are two kinds of Bible poverty in the world: first, the poverty of those who don’t have

God’s Word in their own language; and second, the poverty of being surrounded

by Bibles, but not reading them.

Scripture confronts sin in our lives, encourages our obedience, and gives us delight in Jesus. It is the source of correction, training, eternal perspective, and joyful rest from weariness and sorrow. Who but the devil and sin itself would distract us from such treasure?

I share some more thoughts in this video about the vital importance of Scripture in our lives:


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