What Is God’s Simplicity?

What Is God’s Simplicity? March 28, 2024

Kevin DeYoung is a pastor and an excellent writer and thinker, and his resources can be found at the ministry Clearly Reformed. Kevin has started an explainer video series on God’s attributes. I’ve listened to the two he’s done so far and love them.

The first one on the doctrine of divine simplicity is pretty unique. I have probably only heard the term used of God a few times in all the books on God’s attributes that I’ve read. As Kevin says, simplicity doesn’t mean God is “simple” in the sense of being slow, dimwitted, or easy to understand. It does means that God isn’t like a LEGO lord, consisting of different pieces: a blue one called holiness, a yellow one called happiness, a green one for love, a white one for justice, etc. His attributes are fully interwoven in the unity of His triune person. He is always all that He is.

God’s simplicity is not commonly spoken of, but Kevin communicates it in a fresh way. Hope you enjoy this and learn something new:

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