God Has Continued to Use My Older Books, to My Surprise

God Has Continued to Use My Older Books, to My Surprise June 6, 2024

I attempted my first novel, back in the 90s. I emphasize the word attempted because it really was an experiment. To be honest, I made more mistakes in writing Deadline than any other fiction book I’ve written, not surprisingly, because the first house built will not be his best house if someone continues to build. And yet, God has really used that novel. I think because the plot was sound and a lot of imagination went into it, people still read it. (But I would always say, “Have you read my later novels, Safely Home and Deception?” because I feel that more writing skill went into those.)

Still, the royalties keep on coming for Deadline and Dominion, and helping fund missions and relief work and Bible translation worldwide. Someone I met not long ago thanked me for books they’d recently discovered, including Deadline, proving these older books are still making a difference.

And someone just sent me this review, written by one of their family members:

Randy’s book is an impressive example of presenting biblical truth in a fictional setting.  An intriguing plot built around the distinctive characters he created.  His purpose, of course, was to contrast God’s purposes for his creation and man’s destructive rejection of it.  Randy makes a clear case for Christian values, helping Christians understand how to do that in their own settings.  It took an amazing depth of research to document his argument.  Though it was published several decades ago it describes the destructive trajectory that has led to the growing hostility toward God we witness today. Randy is a gifted thinker and writer. Thanks for pressing me to move it ahead on my reading list.

Furthermore, a friend wrote me this:

Just last week at my Bible study on Romans, a woman said she became a Christian after reading Deadline. She often gives the book as a graduation gift to high school or college friends. And a very stubborn acquaintance of mine told me the book had done a lot to change her mind. She said she was closer to believing than she had ever thought possible. I don’t know what happened later, but that was quite a statement from someone like her.

It’s always a surprise and an encouragement to hear stories like this!

On my Facebook page, our ministry received several comments from readers about Deadline. I find them overwhelming—in a good sense. I don’t see as many comments about Deadline anymore as in the old days, but it’s a reminder that God used it and the effects have been lasting. That means more than anything. I’m grateful.

This book was used by the Lord for me when my sister had just been healed from cancer, then two months later died unexpectedly. The imagery of Finney being birthed into Heaven was one of my first thoughts when I got THE phone call. That got me through some really hard times. The Lord uses your words in ways you can’t even imagine.

Deadline is the first book of yours that I ever read, back in the 90s. I loved it and liked to daydream about what it would be like to meet you in Heaven someday. Now it’s 30 years later, and I can actually communicate directly with you! Who’d a thunk it?  I still look forward to enjoying eternity with you and with all of our family in Christ!

This is my favorite book of all time!!! I refer to it so often in my ministry conversations.

This book was the first I ever read by R.A. Absolutely the BEST. Could not put it down!

Probably one of my favorite books. I’ve read it, listened to it and thought often of the concepts as I’ve walked the journey of grief. Thanks so much for writing, Randy. I’ve said it before, but you’ve shaped my life with your words many times.

I echo the words of many others. The first book of yours I read and THE book that impacted and changed me. I have gifted it to many, hopefully praying God will open eyes and bless them as He had me. Thank you, Randy, for touching my heart and becoming my all-time favorite author. You and your family and in my thoughts and prayers regularly

This is a great series. I love the way he helps us to see the potential of what is behind the glass that we see through darkly right now. My first Randy Alcorn book was Edge of Eternity. That book rocked my world. It made me view my walk in a completely different way. I can’t even count the number of times I have read it since then. I am forever indebted to him for changing my life.

This book was pivotal in my life— the one and only time I’ve been reading a book and had to stop and pause and worship Jesus. Then reopen the book…

Amazing book! Drew me closer to Jesus…and helped me to understand true faith.

Love this book—have given dozens to people who’ve had loved ones go to Heaven!

Excellent book! First read it 23 years ago and I need to read it again. I’ve recommended it many times to many different people over the years.

I join all who read this as one whose life is hopefully making a daily investment in eternity. No matter what kind of work you do you can pray the prayer of Moses, “Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!” (Psalm 90:17). The literal meaning is “make permanent the works of our hands.”
Please join me in that prayer for your life and for mine. All glory to King Jesus!

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