Your Pain is our Pain Dear Coptic Brothers and Sisters

Your Pain is our Pain Dear Coptic Brothers and Sisters April 9, 2017

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Dear Coptic Brothers and Sisters in God, I want to express my deeply felt anguish at the horrible attacks on your community in Egypt. I wanted to let you know that there are many Muslims  who condemn such terrorism in the strongest of terms. Words cannot ameliorate the pain you feel, but know that you are in our prayers and our thoughts and we pray for the security and safety of your families and friends. We stand with you in this moment of grief and please consider us as your partners in your efforts to respond to the tragedy.

Those who have committed this terrible act are indeed the worst of the worst. Your community has lived with Muslims for centuries and you know better than most that this is not what Islam teaches and these are not the ways of the believers. It is a shame that Muslims in your country are not able to keep you safe and free, I pray that God gives them wisdom and God gives those with goodwill the capacity to act upon their goodwill.

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