Muslim Experiences in America : A Documentary Series

Muslim Experiences in America : A Documentary Series May 14, 2018

This is an educational documentary produced by students who took my class on Islam in the Spring of 2018. This documentary is both an exercise in learning and teaching for the students.  I am sharing this because I am proud of my students and want to highlight the openness and inclusiveness they have shown while studying a different culture and faith. Also included is a short commentary they have written to go with their video.


Muslim Experiences in America : A Series
Li Linquin, Cara Gannon, Ahmed Joban, and Elana Montejo

In a series of three fascinating episodes, Islam in America explores the journey of three Muslim-American immigrants and tells the story of  their lives. Each episode was chosen to be filmed through an interview process to ensure that the full story of each individual was expressed clearly. The candidates, Mr. Irfan Patel, Mrs. Fehmina Gul, and Ms. Kaissa Sylla-Camara were each given a list of questions to answer to help build the story behind their lifestyle and personal beliefs.

The main purpose of this documentary series was to bring the American audience a different perspective on Islam. Often portrayed through media and news outlets negatively and simplistically, Islam is not in any way communicated to the public as more than just a radical religion. In modern day news it is portrayed to have certain negative connotations associated with Muslims and Islam, and therefore it is altogether narrowly defined.

Each individual story in the documentary allows viewers to hear the different experiences and see the different faces behind the widely represented religion. Muslims in America have not one face, background, or lifestyle, but rather millions. Muslims live and thrive in American communities today, and are integrated further and deeper into our culture than many people realize. With that being said, this documentary series was really inspired with a passion to show American communities everywhere that Islam is a wonderful part of our community, and American-Muslims cross into multiple spheres of society, and are part of everyday American life.

Irfan Patel


Fehmina Gul

Kaissa Sylla-Camara

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