Core Values



Creativity: Whether through my own writing or through interacting with yours over at my editing business, my love of creativity comes from a firm belief in a Creator who made us in His image. To be in His image is to be a person who creates. Does this mean I only want to talk to or relate to other Christians? Not at all! I am eager to get to know a wide variety of people and to serve them through writing and editing. As a Christian, I hope to serve you well.

Conversation: Like you, I am tired of a world of split-screen TV, political rants, and incivility. I may sometimes express strong opinions on this site, but I always want to be in conversation with you. When we differ, we may not change each other’s opinions or strong beliefs, but if we can listen to each other well, I believe we have made our world a better place.

Curiosity: As humans, our tendency is to pre-judge people before we get to know them. Although there are times when it is necessary to make broad judgments, I believe it is important to be as curious as we can be about our world and the people in it. Curiosity is the opposite of a jaded cynicism. Curiosity causes us stop and ask questions; it causes us to get to know and understand people who may be very different from us. If you are coming from a different perspective, I hope you’ll be willing to slow down and be curious about my beliefs too.

Cultural engagement: Our world is a really interesting place. Whether in the realm of film, television, books, music, current events, or the latest controversy that has gone viral, I want to engage with our world. I love finding echoes of God’s presence in our world. Not only do I see God in our world, but I also see our fallenness and need of redemption everywhere. Because of all this, I love talking about how the timeless truths of the Bible engage with our culture in a deeply meaningful way.

Charis. This is the Greek word for grace. As a Christian, I have been formed by God’s grace to me in His Son, Jesus Christ. He continues to confront me with this grace in spite of my unworthiness. And He calls me to share this bold grace and love with others. I often fail miserably at this, of course, but I am called to share that which I have been given.