Do Not Be Conformed: Talk Radio and Spiritual Formation

A steady diet of talk radio, angry blogs, and aggressive pundits has finally borne its fruit in the American Christian's heart.The issue isn't conservatism or liberalism as there have always been Christians who followed Christ faithfully in both political camps. The issue is attitude of the heart and how what we feed our minds over and over again forms us spiritually, one way or another.While I was growing up, one of my family members would have Rush Limbaugh on in the car for hours each … [Read more...]

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I Am a Christian. Should I Protest the Authority?

I consider myself a peaceful Trump resistor; I have not yet attended a protest but would be open to joining in. While I'm more than willing to give the administration due credit when something life-giving happens (the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch was something I was happy about), I stand opposed to so many of the values of the Trump administration: the blaming of "foreigners" for all our problems, the corruption, the casual disregard for the Bill of Rights, the embrace of conspiracy … [Read more...]

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Dispatch from the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival: Empathy at the Movies

The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival is currently being held in Missoula, Montana. This year, it features 210 films, being shown over the course of ten days, February 17-26. I had a chance to visit this past Saturday. With limited time at the festival, I focused my attention on films that would guide me to greater knowledge and empathy on important social issues that matter to me as a Christian, particularly that of racial justice.In this dispatch from the festival, first, I'll offer quick … [Read more...]

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The Plight of Refugees–the Risk and the Call of Christ

How should Christians respond to the Trump administration executive order relevant to refugees? In the flurry of activity since the new President took office last month, it has been difficult to stay on top of happenings in the news, obtain clear facts about them, and then think clearly about a biblical, Christian response. I work from home and have more time to devote to following the news than many do. But even so, I have been overwhelmed with the amount of information to digest and check. I … [Read more...]

A Celebrity Assaulted Me. I Never Told. Here’s Why (An Anonymous Guest Post)

Note from Rebecca: This past week, I was approached by a friend who asked if I would publish the following piece. She is a person who is honest and trustworthy, and I’m grateful she has been willing to share her story with my readers. I hope her words will open hearts and help there be more understanding for victims of assault. Because of the sensitive nature of this post, I am asking for extra care in the comments section. Any abusive or disrespectful comment directed toward this woman who s … [Read more...]

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A Plea to Conservative Christians: Dump Trump, Vote for McMullin

I have been radio silent here for some time. This is a terrible time in our nation's history, and I don't think a blog can solve it. In fact, blogs have too often been part of the problem, with their huffy headlines and hot takes. In addition, I am working many more hours than when I started, and I don't have the time to keep up with comments that I used to have, though I deeply value the people I've met here. I am trying to figure out how blogging can continue to work in my life and what role … [Read more...]

The Bicycle Thief: Humanizing Criminal and Crime Victim

This post is part of a ten-part series drawing from the Arts and Faith Top 100 Films. You can read the introduction the series here.Please note that this article contains spoilers.I first heard about The Bicycle Thief, the 1948 film by Vittorio de Sica, at a writers conference, where it was held up as an admirable example of spare plotting and basic story structure, and described as one of the greatest films of all time.In this film, a poor man named Antonio Ricci (Lamberto … [Read more...]