Need Ideas For Holy Week With Teenagers?

Need Ideas For Holy Week With Teenagers? March 22, 2016


I’m a day late in sharing here, but that’s pretty par for the course.

Holy Week started on Sunday, and with it the holiest time of the year. As I scan through the Easter pages on Pinterest and look at all of the clever crafts and ideas on the “Mommy blogs,” I notice that all of those ideas seem to run out once the children are too big for coloring pages and gluing popsicle sticks. How, then, do we make the week leading up to Easter one of greater meaning for our older children? How do we keep them engaged in what’s going on in addition to taking them to church?

I have a few thoughts on that, go check them out over at The Register.


P.S. I’m writing for The Register!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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