Pope Francis Appears in New Children’s Film, ‘Beyond the Sun’

Pope Francis Appears in New Children’s Film, ‘Beyond the Sun’ June 12, 2018

Pope Francis appears in two films this year, the first being Beyond The Sun, which arrived on digital outlets recently.  Written and directed by Graciela Rodriguez Gilio, Beyond The Sun is the first time a Pope has ever participated and appeared in a movie.  Filmmakers were asked to create cinema that would appeal to children and families, and bring a message of hope, joy, and God’s love to all audiences.  The film is a heartwarming family adventure story of a group of young children that embark on a journey to discover God.  The film will donate all profits to Los Hogares de Cristo and El Almendro. These charities, close to Pope Francis’ heart, are located in his home-country of Argentina and provide aid to at-risk children and young adults. 

Watch the preview here and visit iTunes, Amazon, and TUGG to watch Beyond The Sun. 

Beyond The Sun featuring Pope Francis. Image courtesy of Grace Hill Media.


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