Rose Reid On ‘Fun, Joyous’ New Romantic Comedy ‘Finding You’

Rose Reid On ‘Fun, Joyous’ New Romantic Comedy ‘Finding You’ May 14, 2021

A young girl travels to Ireland to find herself and in the process, finds romance, friendship, and direction in the new Roadside Attractions release ‘Finding You,’ released today. Starring Rose Reid and Jedidiah Goodacre and written and directed by Brian Baugh, the story follows Finley Sinclair (Reid) who retreats to an Irish coastal village only to be wooed by movie star Beckett Rush (Goodacre). At the same time Finley is learning to trust her heart and find her life’s passion, she also reaches out to Mrs. Sweeney (Vanessa Redgrave), a hardened woman in an assisted living facility, navigating her own grief.

Rose Reid stars in ‘Finding You.’ Image courtesy of Roadside Attractions. Photo Credit: Anthony Courtney

For Reid, a veteran of both faith-based (“Not Ashamed”) and romantic comedies (“A Welcome Home Christmas”), the independent release is something she hopes will bring joy to its viewers at a time when they need it most.

“You walk away from this feeling uplifted and feeling like you’re gonna’ have a good day,” she said. “I think we all need that, especially right now, coming out of such a dark time. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I love the films that you walk away from without any heaviness, and you feel so light-hearted at the end of them.”

As Finley begins to open up to those relationships around her, her life takes a turn for the better.

“She comes to Ireland expecting that something she experiences there will change her life,” she said. “But she doesn’t expect it will be the people that she meets. A movie star is not the guy she imagined falling in love with. And a street performer is not at all the person she pictured would change her relationship with the violin. I hope audiences walk away from seeing this film embracing the idea that anything is possible.”

Reid also pointed to the multi-layered relationships happening as something that would appeal to more viewers than just the budding romance between the two young adults. As Mrs. Sweeney begins to open up, Finley begins to understand how forgiveness works.

“I feel like she is really the one who gets that across to Finley and has Finley look a little bit deeper into all of the situations,” she said. “What you end up finding out about Mrs. Sweeney and her sister, I love how that kind of translates to looking a little deeper into her situation with Beckett.”

“Finding You,” also starring Katherine McNamara, Patrick Bergin, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, and Tom Everett Scott, is rated PG and is now playing in theaters.

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