John Schneider Talks ‘Jingle Smells,’ Tragedy and Healing

John Schneider Talks ‘Jingle Smells,’ Tragedy and Healing December 20, 2023

During a recent interview promoting his new film “Jingle Smells, John Schneider (“Dukes of Hazzard,” “Smallville”) candidly shares the challenges and triumphs he has experienced over the past year and how his faith God has helped him through it. Despite the hardships, Schneider remains resilient, embracing a philosophy of perseverance and resilience.

John Schneider stars in “Jingle Smells.” Image courtesy of Nashville Publicity Group.

Schneider faced the loss of his wife Alicia nine months ago, and the outpouring of support from friends and well-wishers made an profound impact on him. “When you go through something like that, you know how much you’re loved, and how many people think of you,” he said. “God put us put us here because He’s up to something and we’re part of it, and He’ll turn our mess into miracles.”

Schneider has kept busy, from completing his wife’s manuscript, “In the Driver’s Seat,” to their music project, “We’re Still Us,” and the new film “Jingle Smells,” Schneider reveals a multifaceted approach to healing and self-expression.

The book, written primarily by Alicia, is a guide for those dealing with a diagnosis. “It’ll help you figure it out, fight it, win, and heal,” he explains. The couple’s shared journey is evident in the book, providing unique insights for both those diagnosed with a terminal illness and their loved ones.

Schneider’s music takes a deeply personal turn with “We’re Still Us,” an album dedicated to his late wife. Describing it as his best work yet, Schneider emphasizes its potential to help others in pain by expressing shared emotions and fostering strength through vulnerability.

“Jingle Smells,” the latest addition to Schneider’s creative repertoire, is a film that not only brings joy and laughter but also addresses the societal issue of cancel culture. Produced by Sean Hannity and Jay Sekulow and also starring Ben Davies, Eric Roberts, Jim Breuer, and Victoria Jackson, the movie cleverly challenges the notion of canceling someone for differing views.

“The movie is so funny,” he said. “I play a sheriff, my son still lives at home, a bit of a delinquent. He’s a little lazy and unfocused. In a very ‘Jonathan Kent’ (his role on ‘Smallville’) manner, I give him an opportunity to assimilate into the workforce. Basically, I got him a job as a garbage man. And he finds a bunch of canceled toys. Having been a canceled toy myself, having been a canceled action figure. I understood the plight of this character.”

Being a patriot and politically conservative, Schneider says his ideology has rarely put him in conflict with others, mostly because, like Kent, he prides himself on being fair and reasonable, even with those who don’t agree with him.

“I’ll die for what I believe in, absolutely, but I won’t require that you die for what I believe in,” he said. “Why would I do that? That’s not fair. Ultimately, John Schneider is fair, kind of like Jonathan Kent. Fair. If we reach an impasse, and we have this to land on your side or my side, you better be fair.”

Reflecting on the current state of the country, Schneider expresses hope for a resurgence of patriotism and a new generation of patriots. He acknowledges the challenges but believes that with engagement and conversation, positive change can be achieved.

“I’m 63 years old, and love of God and country was something that we were very proud of the 60s,” he said. “At school, we said the Pledge of Allegiance. We had a moment of prayer. We sang the national anthem with honor and pride. I think we’re gonna’ get back to that. My fierce love of country has never changed.”

With the film, the book, and the music project, the multi-talented entertainer intends to keep busy through this season, but has also found another way of healing—helping others.

“I’ve found great strength in helping others through it,” he said. “That’s a God idea, because I would not have come up with that myself. It was God that said to me—because it’s so beautiful—’There’s nothing more healing than someone else’s tear rolling down your cheek’. So, I’ve had a lot of tears rolled down my cheek this year. Many of them were mine. But tears are healing.”

“Jingle Smells” is now available online. For more information on “In the Driver’s Seat” and “We’re Still Us,” click here.

Watch the extended interview with John Schneider and DeWayne Hamby below.

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