‘Text Before Christmas’ Actor on Film’s ‘Unique’ Hook

‘Text Before Christmas’ Actor on Film’s ‘Unique’ Hook December 15, 2023

In the new Great American Pure Flix film, “Twas the Text Before Christmas,” Trevor Donovan and Merrit Patterson star in a story about an unexpected text message that brings two people together. Donovan, who has appeared in “A Harvest Homecoming,” “Nostalgic Christmas” and “Marry Me at Christmas” said that out of all the Christmas films, he’s done, the new one had a different take.

‘Twas the Text Before Christmas’ image courtesy of Great American Pure Flix.

“It was a unique script; The script wasn’t quite the normal structure of these movies, which was interesting and kind of grabbed my attention,” Donovan said. The movie unfolds over three Christmases, spanning almost three years, revolving around a chance text to the wrong number. Donovan shared, “It’s a story about a text to the wrong number. In the film, my mom accidentally texts this woman she doesn’t know, asking if she’s coming over for Christmas.”

As the unexpected conversation unfolds, the stranger revealed she had nowhere to go for Christmas. Donovan’s character, moved by compassion, extends an invitation to a stranger for the holiday, setting the stage for a heartwarming tale of connection and kindness. The actor drew parallels to a real-life incident, recalling a Thanksgiving story that made headlines several years ago, where a misdirected text led to a series of shared celebrations.

“Life is full of these coincidences and cross paths, unexpected cross paths and those little opportunities in life when you get to meet someone that you didn’t plan on meeting or wouldn’t have met,” Donovan reflected on the film’s theme. The actor emphasized the significance of such coincidental moments in life, shaping relationships and creating unexpected bonds.

Donovan also spoke about his reunion with co-star Merritt Patterson, with whom he had previously collaborated on “Jingle Bell Princess.” The chemistry between the two actors added another layer of excitement to the project.

In his personal life, Donovan is involved in the charity, “Team Upstanders,” dedicated to combating bullying. The initiative began through a fan auction experience, which led to the creation of an anti-bullying program. Donovan’s commitment to making a positive impact is evident as he discussed his collaboration with a middle school counselor to address bullying issues.

Looking ahead, Donovan revealed insights into his upcoming projects, mentioning a movie titled “Reagan” with Dennis Quaid. Describing it as a biopic on Ronald Reagan’s life, Donovan plays John Barletta, the equestrian Secret Service agent assigned to both Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

As a frequent star in Christmas films, the actor revealed he still gets excited when the season comes around. He cited the early filming schedule before the holidays as a main reason and also growing up in a touristy area.

“Once we wrap a Christmas movie, I have several months to recover,” he said. “For me, Christmas has always been about family being together.”

“Twas the Text Before Christmas” is currently streaming on Great American Pure Flix.

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