‘Ordinary Angels’ Erwin on Unusual Path of ‘Incredible’ Film

‘Ordinary Angels’ Erwin on Unusual Path of ‘Incredible’ Film February 15, 2024

The new Kingdom Story Studios film “Ordinary Angels,” starring Hilary Swank and Alan Richtson, directed by Jon Gunn and championed by unlikely allies musician Dave Matthews and producer Jon Berg (“Aquaman,” “Wonder Woman”), will release in theaters February 22.

Alan Richtson and Hilary Swank star in ‘Ordinary Angels.’ Images by Allen Fraser courtesy of Lionsgate Studios.

“It was one of those that we just stumbled into,” shares producer Andy Erwin, the producer behind acclaimed faith-based films such as “I Can Only Imagine” and “I Still Believe.” “The good ones kind of find us.”

The origin of “Ordinary Angels” lies in the heartwarming true story of a young girl in Louisville, Kentucky, in desperate need of a liver transplant. Against the backdrop of the largest blizzard in Kentucky history, a community rallies together, led by an unlikely hero (Swank), to secure her a chance at life.

“It came to us through an unlikely source,” Erwin reveals, recounting how the project found its way to their studio, Kingdom Story Company. “Dave Matthews became friends with Jon Berg, and Dave just saw a true story that he fell in love with.”

As the pieces fell into place, the team realized the serendipity of their involvement. “The chairman of our board, Kingdom Story Company, is an elder at the church that this is about,” Erwin shares, emphasizing the profound connection they felt to the story.

With Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank on board, the project soared to new heights. “It just took off,” Erwin beams, reflecting on the journey from inception to production.

Yet, amidst the excitement, Erwin remains grounded, acknowledging the role of the audience in an ongoing slate of faith-based releases. “I think the thing that has really enhanced all of it has been the audience flexing their muscle,” he notes, pointing to the power of viewer support in shaping the stories brought to life on screen.

“These are the kind of stories you want to see, so, that gives us opportunity at the studio for them to give us more and more budgets to go after the right actors and be able to continue to make sure the quality rises,” he said. “So I really feel like ‘Ordinary Angels’ is the best thing we’ve got to be a part of. It’s an incredible film.”

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