Ashley Bratcher’s Journey of ‘Finding Faith’

Ashley Bratcher’s Journey of ‘Finding Faith’ April 2, 2024

In the new Great American Pure Flix film, “Finding Faith,” actress Ashley Bratcher takes on the role of Victoria, a faith advice columnist grappling with a crisis of faith amidst life’s tumultuous storms.

Bratcher describes her character, Victoria, as a woman facing a myriad of challenges. “There’s this perfect storm of things going on in her life where her marriage is in shambles,” Bratcher explains. “She’s on the verge of a breakthrough at work, but it’s not quite what she wants. And then her mother passes away. And she goes back to the home with her father to grieve, and to try and figure out her life from there.”

The actress emphasizes the vulnerability of Victoria’s journey, highlighting her quest to reconnect with God amidst the chaos. Bratcher’s portrayal captures the raw emotions of a woman searching for meaning and redemption in the middle of adversity.

Bratcher’s involvement in “Finding Faith” stemmed from a connection following her role in “Unplanned.” Reflecting on her journey, Bratcher shares, “Unplanned opened a lot of doors for me. And I was introduced to some really wonderful people, wonderful people that I like working with over and over.” Pure Flix, the studio behind both films, reached out to Bratcher with the script for “Finding Faith,” and she immediately felt drawn to the project.

As “Unplanned” sparked worldwide attention because of its strong pro-life message, Bratcher continues to remain focused on the positive impact of her work. “Regardless of what the backlash has been, it hasn’t affected my career that I’m aware of,” she states. “I don’t know many actors that get to say, ‘I saved somebody’s life.’ And a baby was born because of our movie.”

Bratcher’s commitment to meaningful storytelling extends beyond the screen. She views her roles as opportunities to inspire hope and lead audiences to Christ. “If I am going to step away from my family, then the work that I’m doing needs to be meaningful,” Bratcher asserts. “And it needs to be something that’s going to give people hope, encourage them, and ultimately lead them to Christ.”

Behind the scenes of “Finding Faith,” Bratcher experienced moments of profound significance, particularly in her interactions with co-star John Schneider. Reflecting on Schneider’s professionalism and resilience amidst personal tragedy, Bratcher recalls, “His wife happened to be in hospice while we were filming. And about midway through the shoot, she passed away.” Despite his grief, Schneider returned to set, exemplifying integrity and dedication to his craft.

Bratcher also speaks fondly of working alongside Vivica Fox, praising her commanding presence on screen and infectious humor off-screen. Together, the cast and crew of “Finding Faith” forged bonds that transcended the confines of filmmaking, united in their shared commitment to telling stories of faith and redemption.

“Finding Faith” is now streaming on Great American Pure Flix.

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