Our Creativity is a Key to our Spirituality – with Mako Fujimura

Our Creativity is a Key to our Spirituality – with Mako Fujimura July 13, 2022


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Episode Description

How is art an inroad to our experience of God? How does making things give us a more tangible knowledge of the love of God and the joy of being a human in God’s image? What role do imagination and creativity have in a full-orbed theology?

Our guest has some profound thoughts on these things. We are deeply honored to have renowned artist Makoto Fujimura on this episode of the Reintegrate Podcast.

Mako Fujimura is a leading contemporary artist in what is called the “slow art” movement. As a Japanese-American, he studied art at Bucknell University and then studied traditional Japanese painting in the doctorate program at the Tokyo University of the Arts. His art is a fusion of fine art and abstract expressionism utilizing the techniques of ancient traditional Japanese art.

His art has been featured widely in galleries and museums worldwide, including collections in The Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, The Huntington Library, and the Tikotin Museum in Israel.

In addition to being a leading contemporary painter, Mako is an arts advocate, writer, and speaker who is recognized worldwide as a cultural influencer. Among his books are Refractions: A Journey of Faith, Art, and Culture (NavPress, 2009), and Culture Care: Reconnecting with Beauty for Our Common Life (InterVarsity Press, 2017).

His latest book is Art and Faith: A Theology of Making (Yale University Press, with a foreword by N.T. Wright, 2021).


Fujimura founded the International Arts Movement in 1992, now called IAMCultureCare, which oversees the Fujimura Institute. He recently initiated Culture Care Creative which nurtures artists and creative catalysts, academics, and professional advocates to provide a sanctuary in which to gather, learn, collaborate, and create, including the Acadamy Kintsugi. See Mako explain and illustrate Kintsugi in this YouTube video.

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