Michaela O’Donnell PhD: Make Your Work Matter

Michaela O’Donnell PhD: Make Your Work Matter June 9, 2023

Finding Meaningful Work in a Changing World.

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Episode Description

Michaela O’Donnell, PhD, is the Executive Director of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Seminary, which helps leaders respond faithfully to God in all seasons of their life, work, and leadership.

Her book, Make Work Matter: Your Guide to Meaningful Work in a Changing World (Baker, 2021) is based on her deep research and is filled with stories and insights from faithful entrepreneurs. She offers a step-by-step paradigm for discovering what God is calling each of us to do in a changing world and practical habits suited for the new world of work.

Dr. O’Donnell is a business entrepreneur, a teacher, and a sought-after speaker and consultant who regularly presents on the topics of vocation, career, and leadership. She has fifteen years of experience in business marketing, founding and running, with her husband Dan, Long Winter Media, which helps brands through creating multi-media content. At the Depree Center, she created a six-week remote cohort experience rooted in her PhD research, called Road Ahead, designed to help people in transition to discern next steps and gain clarity about what God is calling them to do.

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