Richard E. Simmons doesn’t shy away from the big questions or the big issues. Just take a look at the topics of the faith-based books he’s written – wisdom, life, death, sex, truth.

His latest book tackles the biggest question of all. Does God exist? Reflections on the Existence of God is a collection of essays about whether or not God is out there, something the 66-year-old Simmons has been exploring much of his adult life.

“I wrote this book for skeptics, atheists, and for those who struggle with doubt, especially young people searching for answers. I also wrote this book to help people of faith, to equip them to more effectively engage with the skeptical culture in which we live.

We are seeking to discover what is true about God, but we must remember that truth is discovered and not invented. It is discovered by examining the available evidence that enables us to come to a rational conclusion. If something is supported by evidence, it is worth believing.

We should seek to take the evidence offered and use it to make reasonable conclusions. What you will find is, as the evidence accumulates, it enables us to come to confident conclusions about God. Who He is. And, that He truly is.” – Richard E. Simmons III

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