The Top 30-21 Most Holy Places on Earth

The Top 30-21 Most Holy Places on Earth July 31, 2023

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If you have just come across this article and haven’t delved into Patheos’ ongoing series, Sacred Spaces: The 100 Most Holy Places On Earth, get ready for an enriching experience.

If you’ve previously visited the series but merely skimmed through the captivating photos or rankings, I encourage you to do something different this time.

Take a few minutes to read, reflect, and immerse yourself in a few of the stories behind these remarkable places.

This week, we unveil our rankings of the Top 30-21 Most Holy Places on Earth. Similar to the sacred spaces we highlighted before, the historical significance of these locations showcase diverse faiths worldwide.

The featured holy destinations for this week include:

  • The route through the “old city” of Jerusalem which Jesus would have traveled at the very end of his life.
  • The incredible story of three young, illiterate Portuguese children who, in the early 1900s, experienced profound visions, drawing millions of people to their once-small village even today.
  • The most sacred temple in the holiest city of Hinduism, considered by many as the national religious center of India.

The selection process for these sites involved a ranking algorithm that considered insights from religious scholars, perspectives from Patheos’ editorial staff and writers representing various faiths, as well as the significance of each location across multiple religions.

The algorithm also factored in current web search trends and real-life foot traffic to narrow down the initial pool of over 1,000 potential sites to the Top 100, from which the final rankings were determined.

In the upcoming weeks, Patheos will continue to unveil an exceptional collection of sacred locations from around the world. This extraordinary journey will culminate in the revelation of the paramount selection: The Most Holy Place on Earth.

To embark on your own adventure and explore the complete rankings, visit the starting point here or directly access this week’s rankings here.

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